Modern Wedding & Family Photography

wedding photography FAQs

Choosing a wedding photographer can be overwhelming!

Not only do you need to like their photography style, but you need to like them as a person.

We could potentially be spending a lot of time together! 

I hope this section helps you in your decision making.

How do we confirm a booking?

If I am available for your wedding the first step will be me sending you a questionnaire so that I can

get to know more about you and your big day.

Then I like to meet with potential clients via video chat, or in person if possible. I will make suggestions about the

kind of coverage you need to get the photos you want and the amount that will cost, we can get to know each other and you can ask me all of your burning questions.

I require a 50% retainer and a signed contract to reserve your date. 

What is your style when you photograph a wedding?

My main goal is to provide you with authentic wedding photos, images that are a unique yet true representation of who you are and the day you have planned.  What does this even mean?  It means you get to be you, and I take the photos that are worth taking; the ones that are intriguing, beautiful, weird, humorous, and real!  My images are aesthetically contemporary, and if I have my way, the least cheesy wedding photos you could possibly get.  I want you to have really cool photos of your day, the ones you aren't expecting, the ones you never would have planned for.  It's like a photographic adventure...a kind of experiment in what can be captured.

If you hate posing for photos then we will focus on a real photojournalistic feel.

If you want posed photos and put some trust in me then we will get some really cool portraits!

If you are having a quiet candle light ceremony, your photos and my approach to taking them will reflect that.

If you are having a wild dance floor, amazing! I will be right in there with your guests capturing them in all their glory.

At the end of the day I hope you feel like you had a friend with a camera (albeit one that never really stops) at your wedding. And together we will have a series of photos that will have you laughing, crying and reminiscing simultaneously.

You can take a look into the blog section of my website, to get a good idea of how my photos look and feel.

How many photos will we get?

This depends on quite a few variables, but the two main factors are:  how many hours you choose & if there is a second photographer.  But as a general rule, you can expect to receive around

50 - 70 images per hour of photography coverage.

Will you be the person photographing our wedding?


Yes!  It's just me over here; no associate photographers, no employees, no big company wedding factory stuff

I will be your main photographer and I will be the one you deal with from the initial correspondence 

to the very end.

Do we need a second photographer?

-For some weddings it's best for you if I bring along a second photographer. 

For "intimate weddings" it's most likely not necessary as you will have a small guest count, no wedding party and generally a simpler day; which means I can handle it all myself.


But here are a few things to think over....

-If you have the budget for it, say yes, it's worth it.

-If you want "getting ready" photos of both partners in separate locations we will NEED a second photographer.

-You will get a higher volume and greater variation of photos.  While I am busy doing portraits of you (and your wedding party and your group family photos) there is another photographer with your guests, and throughout the day (especially the ceremony!) I can concentrate on the two of you, while the

second photographer focuses on your loved ones.

Having a second photographer really adds an essence of storytelling to the final photographs of your day.

There won't be much that isn't photographed.

-I am a people photographer! I spend most of my time consumed with catching intriguing human moments, which means I am not so focused on details such as your decor.  I always have my second photographer take as many "detail" photos as possible, and if you have spent a lot of energy on this aspect of your wedding then those photos may be important to you.

And the sales pitch:  

They are like a built in insurance policy.  Imagine something unforeseen happens to me on the day of your wedding? Well, now there is a photographer who can take over in a heart beat.

I only hire other professional wedding photographers that I am confident can take over if needed

(although, phew, this has never happened!).

With that said, I do the majority of my weddings alone and the results are wonderful!

When will we get our photos, and how?

I will email you a select few sneak peeks within one week of your weddings and the entire gallery will be delivered within 6-8 weeks.  You will receive an online gallery that allows you to download your photos in

high-resolution (with no watermarks!) and order print products.  Your gallery will stay online for one year and

can be shared easily with your guests.

Do you do prints & albums?

Yes!  These can be ordered separately

Through your gallery you will be able to order prints, thank you cards, self designed albums and much more.

You also have the option to have a custom album designed by me, you can check those out on the

Prints & Albums page.

Will you edit and retouch our photos?

All of the photos delivered to you will be meticulously edited.  This includes colour correction, cropping and retouching if needed.  Since I really strive for an authentic vibe, heavy retouching is not something I focus on. 

I am not going to make you look like someone else, but I will remove distracting elements from a photo if 

and when it is necessary. 

Are there any additional costs we should think about?

There are a few things that may come into play;


-Travel. Depending on your location there may be travel fees. This could range anywhere from mileage & driving time to flights & accommodations. I am based in Toronto, Ontario and spend a lot of time in Revelstoke, British Columbia so travel rates will be added to locations greater than 100km from of those cities.

-Permits. If you want to have photos done in a location that requires a permit or fee you will be responsible for obtaining and paying for that.

-Feeding me.  If I am photographing your wedding over meal service then I need to be fed in the same manner as your guests. If you are having a formal sit down dinner I need  be seated in the same room as the events so I can photograph them. Put me at the "kids" table, put me at a "vendors" table, I'm not and a glass of wine gets me pretty far.

-Overtime.  If I stay longer than the contracted time I will bill you an hourly rate after the wedding.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, and I love them!  I love to travel and get very excited about taking photos in new places.

For destination weddings I require a minimum of eight hours of photography coverage plus travel expenses, which can include; flights, hotel, car rental, meals, and a travel day rate. Just let me know the details of your wedding and I will put a quote together for you.