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Cocoa Beach Florida Wedding | Dana & Michael

Dana & Michael's wedding at Beach Place Guesthouses in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

It's very hard for me to not post hundreds upon hundreds of pictures from this amazing wedding...not only because I was photographing from 8am until 11pm, but because Dana (and now Michael!) hold a really special place in my heart, making me totally biased and in love with every photo from this day! I first met Dana in, hmmm, 2012 I think. While I was living in India, studying yoga and photographing other yoga practitioners, Dana hired me to take some pictures of her. She was one of my first subjects outside of direct acquaintances and our relationship blossomed from there. She came back the next year and to my delight she was staying in India for an extended period of time to study. I promptly asked her if she would be interested in working as my assistant, to come along on yoga photo shoots and help the subjects in their poses (you see, Dana is VERY good at yoga and a skilled, compassionate teacher). It was, to this day, one the best working relationships I have ever had. We meshed on so many levels; with both of our personalities being equal parts perfectionist/calm cool and collected. We are both gregarious introverts (is that a thing? well, we are!), we take our jobs seriously but have a keen sense of knowing that everything is as important as it is unimportant. I also got to meet Michael along this journey, a kind and passionate soul who exuded qualities of having life, love & career in a fine balance. These two are amazing together, and I love them. Needless to say I was very very honoured to have them ask me to photograph their wedding. When Dana initially asked me I just said "Yes!" followed by "Yes, of course, we will work out all the details, we will make it work, 100% I will be there" (something of that emotion). The day started off with a yoga class on the beach and ended with a wild dance floor, robust Hava Nagila included. I will let the images tell the story or else there is a serious risk of me writing ten paragraphs about how great Dana, Michael, their amaaaaaazing families, friends, and this day were. Ok, but I really do have to mention how Dana's brother Jake not only picked me up from the airport, but toured me around and even brought be dress shopping (literally helped me pick things out!) because I had underestimated how hot and humid it would be in Florida in October. Enjoy!

Dana lives and teaches in New York City

Michael is based out of NYC and works internationally as a musician and dancer MyBeat2

You can see some of the amazing yoga portraits Dana and I worked on at