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Downtown Toronto Wedding | Drake CommissarY | Alanna & Jacob

The Drake Commissary has become one of my favourite venues for weddings. The food is delish, the decor is awesome, the staff is amazing, the vibe is just right...and it's close enough to my place that I can walk home after the wedding ha! But most importantly, it seems to attract the coolest & cutest couples; people extra appreciative of what this kind of venue can offer, and Alanna & Jacob where no exception to this! We started the day off at Kimpton Saint George Hotel (also super cool BTW!), got some photos in at the Forna Cultura cafe (super cool as well, with the best staff!) in the new MOCA and then headed over the Commissary for the main event. This was an extra great day with whole bunch of super lovely photos to capture it.

Kimpton Saint George wedding

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