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Lily & Deniz's Toronto City Hall Wedding

Lily & Deniz - Photography by Christine Hewitt

Toronto City Hall Wedding & Mariposa Cruises Reception.

Getting ready photos done at Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto.

Lily & Deniz met five years ago, while they were both working for Disney Cruise Lines. Deniz was born and raised in Anakra, the capital city of Turkey. Lily was born and raised in the GTA. After their small Toronto wedding, they will have a traditional Turkish wedding in Ankara....I'm just wondering why they aren't flying me over for that??? I DO speak two works of Turkish guys, c,mon!

Lily did a fabulous job organizing all aspects of her wedding herself, with help from her talented family and friends and a lot of BUNZ networking. That's where we found each other!

Here's to a life of love and lots of travel Lily & Deniz. Best of wishes to you, and your future in Turkey. XO

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