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Okanagan Winery Wedding | Penticton British Columbia | Karen & Todd

okanaga winery wedding

I love documenting entire wedding days! It's a lot of hours, a lot of photography and often requires me to hire on a second photographer...but it's well worth it to get the full story of such an important event. Wedding days are hectic, the time flies by and for many couples it all becomes a blurry whirlwind of sporadic memories and emotions. Having your day documented with photography can help preserve those moments, and also gives you a glimpse into the day as experienced by your loved ones.

This was a destination wedding for everyone. Karen (who grew up in Edmonton, Alberta ) and Todd live in Sydney, Australia (where Todd is from). Their family and friends are spread across the globe. They all met up in the winery region of the Okanagan Valley at Poplar Grove Winery in Penticton, British Columbia to celebrate their big day and it was a tremendous success. Beautiful scenery, exceptional food and wine, a lot of joy and laughter, and a roaring dance floor with a finale of one hundred McDonalds hamburgers & fries served.

If you are having a wedding in the Okanagan and looking for a co-ordintator I highly recommend Shawa Gray from White Orchid Wedding & Event Planning in Kelowna. She pulled this day off with incredible stealth and grace!

kootenays wedding photographer