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Toronto Island Wedding | Algonquin Island Association | Jess & Athena

Jess and Athena's wedding at Algonquin Island Association on Toronto Island.

I don't think I have ever laughed as hard at a wedding as I did at this one. Between the officiant's stellar interpretation of Jess and Athen's blossoming love, to both their father's wacky and charming sense of humours I was just in stitches the whole day. Besides the non-stop smiles and jokes, there was a tremendous amount of love going around this day; a deep appreciation that we live in a country and an era where this day was possible. Whether subconscious or fully expressed I think these feelings of thankfulness add a lot of extra tenderness to a wedding day. It feels good to be grateful!

Thanks you for trusting me ladies, and thank you for climbing on that cart!

Wedding Co-rdinator: Michelle Cliffe - A Good Fork & Love Collective

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