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Backyard Wedding | Ottawa, Canada | Mimi & Martin

So, technically this was a driveway wedding! A first for me and probably my new favourite wedding venue option! They turned their garage into the bar (no small feat, we are talking some major construction here!) and their family and friends provided unparalleled support in building and setting up the home and yard for the festivities.

I first met Mimi in 2014 in India. We hadn't seen each-other since, but managed to stay in touch via the miracle that is the internet . I was really excited to be asked to photograph her wedding; knowing Mimi's warm demeanor, loving nature, and particularly good taste I knew it would be a pretty great time with many excellent photo opportunities. We took Mimi & Martin's "wedding portraits" in my absolute favourite wandering around their neighbourhood, stopping for coffee and popping in to chat with neighbours. We were accompanied by their incredibly well behaved and photogenic dog, and his incredibly well behaved and photogenic sitter. Making for heartwarmingly unconventional family photos.